Honduras SHG EP

Honduras SHG EP
Honduras SHG EP
Honduras SHG EP

Round body, solid acidity, cherry, pleasant drying finish

Region: San Andres, Lempira
Growing Altitude: 1400 -1700 masl Details

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Detailed Description Honduras SHG EP manufacturers description

In this coffee you will find a taste of cherry and cane cugar.

Aroma is vanilla.

San Andres is a small municipality that belongs to the Honduran state of Lempira. The city has a population of 15,000 people.This small village enjoys rich soil conditions. Producers in San Andres continue to process their coffee using traditional methods, including meticulous sun drying on concrete patios. This process helps the coffee acquire its consistency of color and appearance and develop a unique, sweet, flavor with notes of Swiss chocolate.

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