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Frolík´s coffee

Frolík´s coffee is a brand sought after by all coffee connoisseurs and lovers. This trademark has been building up its position among the highest quality Czech coffee producers since 1992.

The Frolik's coffee is protected by trademark.

Several awards, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, prove its popularity with a large number of people.The fact it is one of few coffee brands with a long tradition in the Czech market is another proof of its quality and popularity.

At present, Frolík´s coffee offers six kinds of blends whereas each of them has its own specific aroma and flavour. Their common features are then a unique way of roasting and premium quality of used raw materials, which are delivered from plantations all over the world, especially from Middle and South America, Africa and Asia.

The variety of raw materials and years of experience guarantee original flavour of all the blends we offer. Our coffee is not produced to be sold in hypermarkets and that is why great attention can be paid to the preparation of each individual blend and thus the preference of quantity to quality is avoided.

Coffee can be bought both in bags and in cans (250 g) with original painted labels where the founder Petr Frolík is also always represented.